Mallock Mk28V 2L Supersports
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$34900.00 (AUD)
Mallock Mk 28V 1989 Imported from the UK by me to Macau in 2006 and fully rebuilt, then Australia in 2012. First raced in 2014. First win in November 2015. MK27 high downforce nose fitted with Titanium skid plates & carbon fibre splitter Has lapped Mallala in 1:13s but should do 1:11s I have just watched the November 2015 video again. I have never gone quicker than in that race despite new slicks and a new LSD. I had the shocks & springs dynoed after that and although the shocks were way ou....+ moret I think the springs are now wrong. Make that 1:10s with a younger driver! 270 Bhp Vauxhall (Opel) 2 Litre DOHC 16 valve Cosworth head with extra work by my engine builder, Bill Hanson. Heavy duty high flow muffler Engine sits above closed floor pan for better aerodynamics unlike many British Mallocks. Distributor ignition with High Voltage American "Spark Box" Option to go back to (as new) Alpha Pro ECU (This extra ignition system will be supplied with the car) 5 speed Quaiffe Dogbox (I have only been using 4...) Tilton Carbon "Finger" ceramic rally clutch with spare assembly New Kevlar bonnet on its way from UK plus heavy (16KG) existing bonnet Both bonnets fastened with Aeroquip fasteners (not the wing nuts that I bought originally) Two noses plus mould 2017 bought Avon slicks on wheels Brand new, unused, Hankook wets, plastic wrapped, on very light wheels (Don't you know that if you have good wets - it never rains!) Quaife LSD plus spare higher ratio (UK ) Aluminium diff - perfect for The Bend in 2018! Adjustable Rev limiter currently set at 8000 Very bright shift lights Tilton in-cockpit brake balance system 1 year old transmission tunnel with Kevlar protection and new metal protection straps on drive shaft after I got hit by a broken tailshaft :( 25 L fuel tank with Facet style electric pump x2 New dry sump system with Chinese made alloy tank. High flow radiator Carbon fibre oil lines Will lower price if buyer races in SA
Vehicle Location:Adelaide
VIN/Engine Number:N/A
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Day Time Phone:0411275740
Night Time Phone:0411275740
State:South Australia