Nissan L28 3.3ltr Short Engine
$13000.00 (AUD)
Nissan Datsun L28 3.3ltr short engine. 89mm bore x 89mm stoke = 3322cc Engineered by Les Collins Racing. Built by myself under his direct guidance. F54 block. Acid dipped, 1/2 grout fill, sonic tested & offset bored to 89mm, & finial Diamond honed to exact clearance. Deck milled parallel to crank tunnel centreline. Clearanced crankcase, de-burred & painted in Gyptal. New gallery plugs. Blanked oil pressure relief port. Standard sump & pickup. Modified 89mm stroke crankshaft, oil ga....+ morellery plugs tapped & plugged. Custom CNC billet steel 8.8kg flywheel to suit crank (no clutch assy). 137mm I-beam connecting rods with ARP2000 rod bolts. Custom SPS 89mm forged pistons – designed to work with a P90 head. New timing chain guides & new Kameari HD timing chain. New OEM front timing cover (de-burred, polished & water-jet blasted) fitted with replated bolts. New Water pump. *This short engine requires a P90 head to be used.* Depending on the specification of the head, cam & induction, this short engine has the potential to make 330hp & 280ft/lbs of torque. Please note: This IS NOT a race engine! I built this as a fast road engine for my 240Z only. Lots of time & money has been spent on this, so my loss is your gain. To recreate this short engine now, would cost over $14,000, so I’m selling below cost!!! Payment by cash or EFT payment ONLY.
Make:Nissan Datsun
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