BMW M3ti E36 3.2L
$18000.00 (AUD)
2000 BMW E36 318ti sport, techno violet, factory sunroof, sports seats, M3 bodykit, etc. VIN AR77998 Fitted with engine, gearbox and front suspension from a E36 M3 Cabriolet VIN EX67007 I put this project together myself in 2010, from a running 318ti and 94220Km M3 half-cut. This is a completely street legal car, registered in the ACT with the M3 engine number. Only the remote locking is not working, everything else is fully functional, including the A/C. The build is on http://www.bmwforum....+ in project cars, title is Dave-s-E36-M? it’s missing some of the photos but I can supply on request. The car has 2 sets of 17” wheels one everyday with Michelin PS3s (215/45/15) and one competition with Kumho KU36 (235/4517 255/40/17) It was built to meet the local hillclimb street category, it was very competitive until a category change and the next category will make the car unsuitable for daily driving. I have used this car as a weekly driver I ride a bicycle to work hence the continued low Km, it is extremely practical as a daily vehicle.BMW only made one of these cars, this is one of 3 (?) in Australia and less than 50 in the world. Please, no low offers this is a genuine low Km S50B32. I’m happy to let this car go as a complete package as I have acquired a Z3 for my next project but, while it’s more work than I planned, I’m also prepared to use this engine to build a Z3M, which will eligible in the street category, Z3M’s are quite rare. Components S50B32 engine (236Kw) 118000Km 6 speed manual gearbox LSD 180mm 3.64:1 with 325i Drive shafts Alloy flywheel M5 organic clutch M3 pressure plate M3 front Hubs and Brakes with Zimmerman Discs KW V3 Coilovers (2 way adjustable) Adjustable steering column 30mm Front Anti roll bar (Turner Motorsport) Front Strut brace (Turner Motorsport)
Vehicle Location:Canberra
VIN/Engine Number:AR77998 EX67007
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State:Australian Capital Territory