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Radical SR8 LM 2008
Radical SR8 LM 2.8l 455 hp V8 2008 Nordschliefe Record Holder 6 min ...
$85,000 (AUD)
South Australia
2000 Renault Clio V6 Trophy
2000 RENAULT CLIO V6 TROPHY CHASSIS NUMBER #135. The owner has ...
$79,900 (AUD)
South Australia
Historic Group R Log booked as raced in 1983 Aus Sports Car ...
$60,000 (AUD)
South Australia
TCM HQ#22 Monaro Coupe
finished 3rd at Newcastle in PROAM class dry sump 350 engine with 600 ...
$90,000 (AUD)
South Australia
Elfin 600 Alfa
Built 1968. Chassis No.6805. Built for ANF2. Fitted with Alfa 1600 engine. ...
$89,000 (AUD)
South Australia