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LeMans style car, Prototype Series. Hyabusa Gen 2 engine, 3 sets centre ...
$30,000 (AUD)
Western Australia
Formula 1000 - JKS Speads RM03
For Sale - JKS Speads RM03 and Custom Trailer. Very good condition ...
$34,000 (AUD)
Western Australia
Aussie Racing Car
Fully rebuilt car with all new and current running gear. Call for ...
$42,000 (AUD)
Western Australia
Rare Lexus Road Registered V8
IS200 with Lexus Quad Cam 4 ltr V8. 5 speed manual with diff ...
$30,000 (AUD)
Western Australia
2010 Arise Racing Stohr F1000
2010 Arise Racing Stohr Formula 1000 – Chassis #018 - AS DRIVEN ...
$37,500 (AUD)
Western Australia
HKS Supercharged Nissan 370Z
I'm looking at a new project hence selling. Genuine 27,000KMS. Have owned ...
$46,000 (AUD)
Western Australia