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Sports race cars for sale in Other

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888 Racing BA07 Falcon Supercar
888 BA07 chassis. 2004 BA updated to 888 BF Spec in 2008, ...
$160,000 (AUD)
Dillon Chassis Trans Am
The Leo K #17 He was the ultimate underdog he tried racing Kelly ...
$85,000 (USD)
1990 Shelby Can-Am
Here is a one-of-one car! There were originally two prototypes, this is ...
$55,000 (USD)
1965 TRIUMPH SPITFIRE - Original!
On offer is a correct original Spitfire. This has the SVRA Gold ...
$27,500 (USD)
Sunbeam Tiger 1965 Exceptional
Hello! Here is an original 65' MK1 Tiger. Exceptional condition from a relative ...
$114,500 (USD)
Lotus Europa - 1974 - Daytona
Exceptionally restored Daytona 24hr Lotus! Lovingly restored at over $100,000, by ...
$77,900 (USD)