1964 Falcon Rallye Sprint Nb
+ 8 more
$105,000 (AUD)
Will pay for transport in Australia to new owner if full price paid!
1 of only 5 Nb Falcon Rallye Sprints in Australia.
You will get huge attention from the public, as these cars are rarely seen on a grid due to their rarity.
Ford produced the light weight Falcon Rallye Sprint to win the Monte Carlo Rallye in 1964. These are significantly lighter than the comparable Nb Mustang, with bigger brakes, and thus a front running Nb podium car. With the now available 8 inch Hoosier tyres for 6inch rims, this car will also rival many Nc cars.

This particular car is an original manufactured US K Code V8 Ford Falcon Sprint, upgraded in the 1990's with fibreglass bonnet, boot lid, bumpers, front fenders and doors to Rallye Sprint specifications. Log booked Feb 2000. Never crashed, no rust.
You cannot build this car for anywhere near this amount. Well over $150,000 spent.

View this short clip on the new engine test https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbHL_eKel5Y

Completely rebuilt, new paint, new wiring, new close ratio top loader gearbox, new manual steering box & power steering as well, new all steel 289 V8, new roller rockers, new dizzy & rev limiter, 4 IDA 48 webbers fitted. Conservatively tuned and running currently on 98, it produces 350hp at the wheels, however more horsepower is available with change of fuel and compression, although still very fast in current tune. Also comes with oil/temp emergency warning siren and strobe light, new truetrak LSD, new tailshaft, new 4 pot calipers, vented discs & new PMU pads, new removable steering wheel, new collision/rollover gravity switch, new dual brake Master cylinders with bias adjust, weight approx 1290kg. Fully compliant with Motorsport Australia Vehicle Specification.
F/G Moulds, many spare parts, 2 brand new American Racing mag spares, grille, doors, bonnet, boot, rear escutcheon, taillights, front flashers, coils, 4 new 300mm vented rotors, master & slave cylinders. Happy to look at offers, call me.
Be assured this is a high quality race car.
Model:Falcon Rallye Sprint
Vehicle Location:Perth Western Australia, Australia
VIN/Engine Number:n/a
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Name:Michael Rowe
Day Time Phone:+61417943522
Night Time Phone:+61417943522
State:Western Australia