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1970 Lotus Europa
+ 10 more
$35,000 (AUD)
Set up to race, with roll cage, plastic windows & body shape modifications for down force. Raced a little in 2007 - 08 but from then on only a few hill climbs & sprints. I had a heart valve replaced in 2010 & was then unable to get a full race licence. I had added a Mazda 12A PP (206 WHP) & got lap times in the 66 secs at Barbagello Raceway in Perth. This compared to the Lotus Type 47 that ran in the 63 secs, but much less weight, only 466 kg. Mine's about 700 kg. I love the car & have moved it away from racing to road use. I added a Mazda 13B Turbo with minor modifications (309 WHP) & an Audi 6 speed transaxle. It now does 0 - 100 kph in 3.1 secs. It's fully road registered. I'm now nearly 80 years old & would like to pass it onto another who would also love it. I have kept all the race modification stuff that I removed, & it would only take a small amount of work to get it back onto the track.
Specification: Lotus Europa Series Two 1970, VIN 177PR, Chassis No. 701024177PR, CAMS Log Book 2007 - 0001, Vehicle ID 31883, Roll Cage 60514.
Vehicle Location:Warner QLD, Australia
VIN/Engine Number:177PR
Advertiser Details
Name:Barry Ellis
Day Time Phone:0438269037
Night Time Phone:0438269037