2003 Corvette Supercar Drag Racer
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$187,000 (USD)
2003 Chevrolet C-5 Corvette

402 ci, Supercharged (air to water IC)

E-85 or Race Fuel

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This custom show and streetcar is basically all new. It began as a frame-up build in 2014 and was completed in 2016, practically nothing was untouched with the goal of creating a unique, one-of-a-kind C-5 Corvette (2003 model year) that could win at car shows.
Practically every component is custom, with each built by a shop that specializes in whatever component was being upgraded. The vehicle was meticulously hand-assembled. Some parts are one of a kind for which many hours of R&D and fabrication were invested. For example, an aluminum fuel cell was fabricated to fit in the stock C-5 driver side fuel tank area so the stock fuel fill can be used, allowing room underneath to a gravity feed fuel pump. The engine was built one piece at a time, from the short block to the heads. The short block is new with an iron 402 LSX bowtie stroker that was modified for ½ inch studs and more by Weston Machine and built by Roche Racing Engines. The power glide transmission was custom built from torque tube and a carbon-fiber driveshaft connects to a Ford 9” rear end with custom axles and more. The suspension was modified to include Farks lower A-Arms, AFCO coil-overs with front limiters. The manual steering was designed and fabricated to match the OEM power rack (it requires almost no adjustments for bump steer). The intake was custom built by Hogan’s Racing Manifolds, the heads were built and hand ported by total Engine Airflow with titanium and Inconel valves, etc. The list goes on and on right down to brand new WELD RT-S rims in the rear and modified with Champion Beadlock and brand new MT radials, while the front has new Weld Alumastar rims with new radial tires and polished Weld center caps with Champion matching lug nuts.

No corners were cut from the nose to the rear of the car, including extensive electronics with a Haltech 2500 ECU including GPS, data logger, custom fit into the dash with a leather surround.

The car is running and this build costs well over $200,000.00

Since completing the build a few final tweaks to the suspension, rear sway bar, new rear rotors, wheels, etc. I have taken it to one car show and won, but I have never raced it.

I cannot tell you the power it is making at present, since we have not had it on a dyno.

It does not have A/C, heater, but does have power windows, power door locks, everything based on an original corvette.

My health has made me not race this car as well as respect for the beauty.

More Detailed Specifications:
BPP (Breathless Performance) vented hood, customized to fit the intake manifold
Lewis Five (l-5) Motorsports Rear Flared Quarters with L-5 splash guards
Z06 rear brake intake ducts
Rear-wheel wells and lower quarter panels customized to fit taller tires
Custom pained dark purple at nose with ghost flames fading to black in the rear
HID headlights and driving lights
Darkened LED tail/brake lights and rear side markers
John Greenwood Designs Fiberglass C-5 Rear Wing
Stainless Steel intake Screen with surround for the super-charger, in lieu of front license plate
Fully carpeted with working interior lights
All original glass with power windows
New Sparco L999 Mugello Blk steering wheel with
Working OEM horn
Haltech 2500 ECU including GPS, data logger, custom fit into the dash with a leather surround. All gauges, fuel, oil, water temp, everything only better than OEM
Dual digital wideband AFR + fuel level, and transmission temp gauge on A-pillar, LED light to indicate on function.
Center console attachment to Nexus Galaxy 7 tablet with USB power cord (ASUS Nexus & is included)
The leather surround B&M # 81112 Stealth Pro Bandit PG shifter 6061-T6 black anodized aluminum, reverse lockout, with carbon fiber covers on magnum grip
Sparco EVO2 seats
Custom fabricated aluminum engine belly pan with oil absorbent bottom/diaper liner
Custom heat shielding below fuel cell and behind the exhaust
Rear-mounted/secured Optima Blue Top 12V spiral cell high-performance AGM Battery
Rear Rims Weld RT-S Forged S71B series 3 piece modular with black anodized center
15 x10.275 in., 5 x 4.75 in. bolt circle. 5.5 in backspace with Champion CWI Series X outer single Beadlock conversion. Weld push through polished aluminum center caps with logo.
Rear Tires M/T ET street radials 3754X 275/60/15 directional R2 compound, ( 28.2 diameter, 11.40 section width, 9.80 tread width)
Front Rims Weld Alumastar 8.0 1 piece front wheels 788-15727, black 15 x 3.5 with 2.25 backspace
Front tires M/T sportsman S/R 6652 (26 x 6.00-15) DOT approved tubeless, directional blackwall radials 6.5 section width, 5.70 tread width
Additional two complete sets of wheels and tires
All center caps were replaced with Weld push through polished aluminum center caps with logo.
All lug nuts are Champion billet 7075 T-6 aluminum 12 point short shank with open end 2 toned black anodized with silver re-machining, 12 mm x 1.5 on ARP extended length studs.
All rims include Billet Specialties Bolt-on Valve Stems Chrome

Custom built 402 ci LSX Bowtie Stroker with Pro-Charger
Block Cast Iron Chevrolet Performance LSX Bowtie 19260093
6 bolt main caps (1054 Billet Steel 6-bolt main caps) 9.240 deck
Block lined bored, bored and mains puffed/tapped for ½ inch ARP studs by, Weston Machine before shipping to Brian Roche Racing Engines for assembly
Block machined to use ARP 247-4201 ½ inch mains and ARP AJ2.310-1 lb 3/8 outers
Roche Racing Engines inspected the block for line bore and the head work prior to assembly. The block was washed and cylinders honed and 3/8 in heads studs were installed.
Callies Premium Dragonslayer crankshaft (4340 forged, heat-treated, gun drilled mains and Angalite drilled rod journals) with 24x billet reluctor (pressed on, tack welded) balanced by House of Balance
Oliver Billet Speedway Series 6.215inch severe application rods
Wiseco Racing Pistons with coated top and skirts 6394LX3/K394X3 8cc R/dome (1.115 x 4.030) using Wiseco GF styled Piston Ring Set, Oil Rail supports and HD wrist pins, clevite rod and main bearings.
Timing marker and pointer installed next to balancer to calibrate ECU with a timing light for TDC


Trickflow Specialties 235cc Cylinder Heads - 70cc combustion chamber, machined for ½ inch studs, designed by Smallwood Race Development (SRD) with assistance from Hogan’s Racing Manifolds and Total Engine Air Flow, CNC and hand ported by Total Engine Air Flow, 6 bolt casting N2O exhaust porting
PAC RPM series 1207X dual valve springs shimmed 0.57 coil bind clearance
Crower 1.7 ratio premium-grade shaft mount rocker arm system
Victory Titanium Intake Valves and Victory Inconel Exhaust Valves
Custom grind Comp Cams billet hydraulic roller camshaft by SDR ( D4759-13) Part no. 54-000-11 Hydraulic, grind HR117+6
Morel 5274 link bar lifters and Trend 3/8 inch .080 wall pushrods
Cloyes 9-3158A Timing Chain and Gear Set
Heads are topped off with CNC machined billet aluminum Noonan Race Engineering LS rocker covers with spacers to mount MSD coil packs and bungs to vent off to catch cans

Compression ratio is 10.29 to 1


New Vortech YSi V-7B centrifugal supercharger with billet impeller and 10 rib 2.95 pulley, with a 10 rib anti-static belt from Innovators West, SFI certified 18.1 Harmonic Damper 8 inch with a 10 rib direct drive to Supercharger with 4 rib accessory/ alternator pulley using ARP balancer bolt kit 234-2504 and with a rear cog for oil pump

Supercharger includes billet Vortech Racing Bellmouth Inlet Flange (2B190-061) Oil return from supercharger includes Peterson In-line Scavenger Filter

Twin Tial Q 50mm 6061 polished aluminum blow-off valves with 3 psi springs connected directly to intake manifold via braided lines with AN fittings and adapter for boost reference when needed

Custom fabricate, polished 4-inch aluminum intake charge tubing with AIT sensor before the throttle body, run to ECU vis custom Haltech wiring harness. Raw brokerage 4 ply silicone couplers.
Custom Fabrication chiseled Performance air to water (A/W) intercooler system with front drip pan for condensation, rear-mounted aluminum ice tank using Rule 14A in-tank pump and 20 AN Aeroquip Startlite Racing lines, (black Nomex feed and return) Tank drain valve and hose empties below the rear of the car.

FAST Big Mouth 102mm CNC billet Throttle Body with new FAST TPS and IAC (new idle air control motor), both connected to ECU via custom Haltech wiring harness, Uses Holley Throttle Body Gasket 508-20 at the intake manifold

Hogan’s Racing Manifold 15470, special order fabrication, sheet metal intake

Intake Manifold customized to accept FAST 102mm throttle body along with individual bungs welded in for twin blow-off valves (front), MAP sensor, brake booster, and boost reference for fuel regulator (rear).

Customized with Lokar Throttle Cable Brackets, TCB-40LS1, to accept Lokar Steel Braided Stainless Steel, manual throttle cable, TC-1000LS1, which is routed directly to the gas pedal, Elite Engineering Aluminum Gas Pedal with Adjustable stop. Added provision for dual chrome Gardner-Westcott throttle return springs. Intake mounted with ARP bolts using Fel-Pro Performance Printoseal Intake Manifold Gasket 13122.

Fuel System

Custom fabricated/baffled aluminum fuel cell, designed and handcrafted to mount in the
stock C5 driver side OEM fuel tank location

Uses original to the car gas filler door and cap

The fuel cell includes Magna Fuel MP 3125 Fuel Cell Rollover Shut Off Valve and 8 AN vent valve to a line that can be capped inside the fuel door

Interior fuel cell aluminum return lines run to the front of the tank to minimize cavitation

Fuel Cell has rubber-coated exterior with a grounding strap and includes a fuel level sending unit, JAZ Products Fuel Level Sending Unit 371-090-03, to an A-pillar Glow Shift Performance Elite 10 color Fuel Level Gauge 0-90 ohms

Mounted below the tank is a new Aeromotive Pro Series Fuel Pump 11102, gravity-fed by 12 AN braided line from the fuel cell with a Peterson Fluid Systems 09-0623 12 An, pre-pump 100 micron Fuel Filter, stainless steel filter material.

Voltage to Fuel Pump is regulated by JMS PowerMax FuelMAX V2 Fuel Pump Voltage Regulator/Booster, which holds a constant 14.4v DC to the pump (adjustable) connected vis JMS 70A Fuel Pump Wiring Kit on an independent rear located fuse relay controlled by the ECU

All fuel lines are custom using Fragola Performance System Series 6000 PTFE lined stainless 10AN hose, braided stainless steel with the optional black plastic exterior coating.

All fittings are Fragola Performance Systems 3000 re-usable black anodized fittings

Fuel systems use a Fore Innovations Boost referenced, F4i Fuel Pressure Regulator with a 10 micron Fore Innovations 16-900, F-10 Inline Modular Fuel Filter, preinjectors/stainless steel filter material, 10 AN inlet/outlet with 1/8 inch NPT senor port for Haltech 150 PSI fuel pressure sensor connected to ECU via custom Haltech wiring harness.

Fuel Filter leads into an Aeromotive Y-block 1567 to a purple MagnaFuel MP-3016 An Flare to Straight Adapters using Viton O-rings, into Hogan’s Racing Manifold aluminum fuel rails with Bosch Injector Bungs that include a Marshall liquid filled Analog Fuel Pressure Gauge mounted to the passenger side fuel rail.

160 lbs/hr AFIS Power FRT 8771608 (Fast Reaction Technology) low impedance fuel injectors provide individual cylinder fueling. Injectors are 60mm O-ring to O-ring with EV1/Jetronic plugs and have a custom Haltech wiring harness running to the ECU for control

Alternator, Ignition, Starter

East Coast Supercharging kit: Purple anodized DC power, Engineering XP 270 High Output Alternator, 6 phase Hairpin, 12V, 270 amp with an internal voltage regulator, connected to ECU via Haltech custom wiring harness

MSD 8287 40kv LS2/LS7 multiple spark coil packs with higher amp feed custom/shielded Haltech wiring harness

Taylor ThunderVolt 50 10.4mm Spark Plug Wire Set with OEM heat shields (aluminum)

NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs

New Tuff Stuff Full Size “gold zinc” Starter 6492B


American Racing Headers (ARH) 2-inch ceramic coated with Jet-Hot Extreme 2000 Black with 8 individual EGT bungs. Fitted with Haltech EGT probes on a custom Haltech wiring harness into twin Haltech TCA4 CAN Thermocouple Amplifiers onto the ECU

Tow wideband AFR sensors, one per bank, using Bosch LSU 4.2 O2 sensors into Haltech Dual Channel CAN Wideband Controller kit to the ECU
Each of the headers feeds into an American Racing X-pipe that exits into twin Magnaflow Performance perforated stainless Mufflers 14419, with 3-inch inlet and 3-inch outlet, 14 x 4 outside diameter; welded to slant cut round/turndown Magnaflow 35180 Stainless Steel Exhaust tips.

Cooling System
Kasper fabricated aluminum radiator and shroud assembly with twin Spal 1400cfm fans individually controlled by the ECU
New, polished aluminum Meziere 300 Series LSX High Flow Electric Water Pump 55 gpm, WP319U, using 100% braided lines
Modified Canton Racing 80-255 Aluminum Expansion/fill tank with Mr. Gasket 16 psi cap with temp gauge 2476BK. Coolant pressure sensor runs from the expansion tank to the ECU. Overflow exits the rear of the car.

The top-end of the engine includes a custom LS coolant crossover Steam Vent Kit into the Canton tank with aluminum fittings. Vents and manifold use braided lines with AN fittings.

Oil System

Modified Dry Sump system with ECS engine timing plate to eliminate internal pump with cog gear behind balancer to drive external pump
Armstrong Race Engineering (ARE) direct to block mounted cog belt driven 4 stage Pump with Adjustable Oil Pressure using an ARE cast aluminum Fluidic design pan with three scavengers (screen filtered)
Modified Peterson Fluid System dry Sump Oil Tank. 2.5 gal, polished aluminum mounted in OEM battery area with bottom drain with twin Moroso vent to atmosphere breather/catch cans. All braided lines with AN fittings
Remote Mount WIX Racing Oil Filter 51060R with RA Series Filter Magnet
Engine uses Valvoline VR1 10W30 Racing Oil
Oil Pressure and Oil Temperature sensors input to the ECU via custom Haltech Wiring Harness.
Custom manufactured Maval/Unisteer Performance slow ratio manual front rack and pinion, polished aluminum finish, mounted to customized C5 front cradle. Manual Rack was based on OEM power steering geometry to provide accurate, low ration, manual steering with minimal to no bump steer adjustments necessary. OEM tilt steering is fully operational.
Uses two Borgeson Vibration Damper Stainless Steel, polished, DD, Universal steering u-joints and Borgeson Stainless Steel polished, DD, Steering Shaft.
New Sparco Mugello steering wheel and collar, modified to use polished stainless steel ARP mounting bolts
Farks Supercars Tubular/chromoly lower control arms in the rear with axle safety hoops
Pfadt Race Engineering Spherical Bearing Kit
Pfadt Race Engineering adjustable Rear Drag Bar 3 inch piece with 7000 series anodized aluminum arms and powder coated 4130 chromoly tubing
Hotchkis 23291000 greaseable billet sway bar bushings mount sway bar to cradle with ARP bolts
Rear shocks AFCO Racing Double Adjustable, compression and rebound, blue anodized aluminum Eliminator Coil-over Drag Shocks with AFC 23250CR Coil-over Spring, 250 lbs/in rate, 10 inch in length 2.625 in diameter, chrome plated
Front shocks AFCO Racing Double Adjustable, compression and rebound, blue anodized aluminum Eliminator Coil-over Drag Shocks with AFC234000CR Coil-over Spring 400 lbs/in rate, 10 inch in length 2.625 in diameter, chrome-plated
Car retains factory power brake booster
New brake lines installed, with adjustable independent front and rear proportioning valves
Front Strange Pro-Race 4 piston Caliper Kits with Strange Engineering B2794L, B2794R
2 piece floating drag brakes with pads

Rear New 12 inch slotted brake rotors with parking brake provision, the parking brake is functional, Coleman Racing slotted rotors with black anodized 6061 T6 milled aluminum hats using Ferodo Racing DS2500 Brake Pads

Moroso 74240 aluminum brake reservoir cover with black anodized machined billet reservoir cap

Transmission, Rear End

IRS Powerglide to 9 inch Ford on customized C5 rear cradle

Custom fabricated C5 Rear cradle, modified and strengthened to mount Ford 9 inch

Quick time SFI approved Bellhousing and Flexplate

Custom shortened aluminum torque tube with extreme duty torque tube converter drive plate

12mm RPM Torque tube bolt kit Torque tube bearings and slinger

Drive Shaft Shop (DSS) 9-inch housing and stub axles with ARP bolts.

Custom length DSS Carbon Fiber driveshaft high speed balanced

Coan Racing torque converter

RPM Transmission built Powerglide Transmission with Reid Racing SFI case

RPM Gov. Support and RPM Powerglide to 9 inch rear adapter with coupler and extreme duty Powerglide shorty output shaft

Powerglide locking dipstick and RPM Servo cover

Coan Racing COA 12831 cast aluminum deep pan kit with temp. sensor

Autometer Transmission temp sensor connected to a dash-mounted Auto Meter analog gauge and to the ECU

B & M Hi-tek transmission SuperCooler with 590 cfm fan, 70297 with 175-degree thermostat, mounted in place of stock C5 passenger fuel tank with Canton Racing aluminum Automatic Transmission Expansion/overflow tank 45-000

RPM built custom Ford 9 inch IRS with Moser aluminum thru-bolted center section and RPM billet pinion support

RPM Steel Spool with Richmond HD 3.73 gear set

Rear expansion outlet to Canton Aluminum overflow tank

9-inch pumpkin to cradle custom mounted with vibration dampening filled with 84W140 gear oil

DSS Extreme Duty custom length CV axles, C5 Ford 9 inch IRS conversion assembly

Custom Fabricated and chrome-plated full brace kit


Haltech Elite 2500 Series Engine Management

Carbon fiber panel behind dash houses most electronics

Haltech Elite 2500 ECU

ECU wiring uses Haltech Gen IV LSX fully terminated Harness Kit, custom to build

Haltech IQ# 4 GB GPS/G-meter logger Dash with micro SD with external antenna

Haltech 6 port CAN HUB

Haltech WBC2 Quad-channel Thermocouple Amplifier Box A Haltech TCA4 Quad-channel Thermocouple Amplifier Box B

Digital Delay Shift light Air shifter control to Biondo Pro Bandit solenoid using a rear-mounted air compressor

Dash-mounted Black Auto Meter Super Shift light 5332 with 3 position brightness switch 12 yellow LEDs

Sensors include 3 bar MAP, Coolant Temp, Cool Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp, Trans Temp, VSS/Driveshaft rotation sensor, Crankcase Pressure, Air intake Temp, Throttle Position, Internal Barometric Pressure, Dual channel (one per bank) AFR/O2, Eight Exhaust Gas Temp probes, Crank Position and Cam Position sensors

Center console mounted switches include two momentary for Racepak display control, air compressor and A/W ice tank water pump on/off

Independent dash switch for driving lights, OEM switch for headlights, remote switch for horn, Blue/steering wheel-mounted NOS Momentary Launch Switches 15651, center console-mounted safety switch for T/B override to allow for extended reverse operation, OEM fuel filler door switch, OEM mirrors, window, rear hatch and door switches

Star Tech 4 port Industrial USB 2.0 Hub ST4200USBM to allow a single USB cable to laptop/PC for ECU programming, logging, Racepak IQ3 programming, output to tablet, etc

OEM key used to start the engine as well as engine-off cooling/pit switch to allow for cooling of the engine under severe race like conditions
Leash Pro Electronics used for relays water pump, fuel pump lights, fans, etc

Miscellaneous Items

K&R Performance Engineering Self-contained Air Pump System with an adjustable regulator with gauge for consistent line pressure from 0-100psi, built-in pressure switch cycles pump automatically

Moroso 74241 Aluminum fuse box cover

Elite Engineering Thermal Abs Tunnel Plate Overlay, heat shield

ARP and Pro-bolts used throughout the build

Billet Specialties Hose Separators used in the engine compartment

Willing to help in the shipment of the car as required.
Serious Inquires ONLY! Price in USD
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