2010 Renault Clio with RS225 Engine conversion
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$19,500 (AUD)
For sale 2010 my Clio 2 RS 200 with a transplanted Meganne RS225 (tuned) 2.0L turbo engine

I don't think there are many of these conversions done here in Australia (to my knowledge) - I think a couple in Sydney but less than a handful.

The car has been modified for track use but used as a daily driver. Hasn't been tracked in over 19 months now. Just stored in our warehouse.

My track sessions were limited to time attacks only.

The Good:

Engine: Renault Megane RS225 2.0litre, larger injectors, wiring loom completed by Anthony @ Ktec (when he was still there).

Suspension & Sway bars: KW Coil Overs - fully adjustable with Ktec sway bars and strut braces including engine strut brace, boot and chassis braces.

AGI bolt in half cage. Needs to better installation (removal and proper fitting) all the bits are in the car still (plates supplied with the cage)

ECU Tuning: car has been tuned for longevity and drivability. Standard ECU fitted. An aftermarket ECU would turn this car into a beast!

The suspension has been set up for daily driving but could easily be adjusted for Targa or full-time track usage.

Gearbox: Renault Megane gearbox fitted with Ktec short shifter.

Clutch: brand new clutch fitted. <500km. Old clutch got 60,000km

Wheels: Two sets sold with vehicle - road wheels: 17 " Evo Corse Fondemeal (imported from UK) with Bridgestone Potenza tyres (fitted to car currently),

17" track set of lightweight Koya Racing alloys with Kumho slicks (used on two track sessions only),

Exhaust: turbo back custom 2.5" stainless steel exhaust and manifold

Brakes: near new slotted and drilled discs to the front with standard Renault rear discs. Haven't tracked the car since the new discs have been fitted.

Pads recently replaced. Braided lines, all the good fluids used throughout.

Exterior: small item, Renault Sport wing, OEM, imported from UK, fitted and installed in Australia.

Driver's seat mount: custom driver's seat mount bought in from the Netherlands that installed that reduces the seat height position. Original Recaros fitted.

Rear seat: removed but supplied with sale of car.

Overall: this car has had a lot of money spent on it over the years of ownership. Always regularly serviced and at great expense (frequency)

Ideally, this is a car for someone looking to turn it into a full track or Targa car, add the roll cage, perhaps an aftermarket ECU and your set.

I have a dyno sheet from when the car was last running since going into storage showing 200hp at the wheels. With the right mods 300hp would not be an issue (or more HP with more $$ spent)

The bad (of sorts):

There is an electrical fault currently. I'm guessing a fuse but i'm no mechanic.

The car starts and runs for a bit before all lights flashing. This could also be the in car camera causing the fault (shorting the battery). The in car camera was never installed correctly despite the ridiculous amount of money i paid to get it done right the first time.

Any one with half a clue more than i have - which wouldn't been hard, will be able to diagnose and fix the fault.
I just have not had the time or inclination to sort this out for a while

There are external ships and scratches from use over the years, city living, but are only minor cosmetics. The driver's seat Recaro is torn from in and out wear and tear and has been repaired with a small leather patch professionally done.

Car can be viewed on the Gold Coast (business hours) and is kept in a warehouse undercover (out of elements).

The vehilce is currently registered but it will be sold as an unregistered vehicle without a safety certificate or certificate of inspection.

An unregistered vehicle permit is not included in the sale of this vehicle.

You will need to organise your own transport/car carrier to move this car from the storage location to yours upon purchase.

A F3520 vehicle registration transfer application will be provided on the day https://www.qld.gov.au/transport/registration/transfer/rego along with a vehicle contract of sale.

Reasonable offers will be considered.

The package wont be broken up as in it is sold as one item car with parts (wheels) not wheels separated or cage removed from the vehicle.

Inside images (apologies, I'm also not a photographer) - https://drive.ellusandkrue.com/external/8ADLTWo3jh-7DNnzK
Vehicle Location:Arundel QLD, Australia
VIN/Engine Number:VFlCRJN0690656289
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