Honda Civic AH Improved Prod
$12,000 (AUD)
Race ready for Improved Production. B16A Engine makes 150hp at the wheels (rated on hub dyno when the cams were dialled in). Exedy race clutch, carbon synchros, 6 point harness and CVs have seen only two meetings since fitting. Very close ratio gearing well suited to Barbagallo and LSD; comes with a spare standard ratio gearbox. Willwood front calipers have been used for one season. Spare set of alloy rims with tyres. Car has won state championships twice. Even an old guy like me put up a 69.5 lap at Barbagallo but she’s been faster and that was before these mods. I’ll include her registered, twin axle braked trailer built for me locally to suit a standard saloon car. She’s very well set up for IPC Under 1600cc but reluctantly I think it’s time I went back to watching. I had the car up previously at 15K without the trailer but I just turned 70 and I’m leaving WA so I’ll put the whole package up at a huge knockdown price. I put a video on Youtube titled “B16A Civic at Barbagallo”. Geoff Duckworth won all three races in class at this event and it’ll give an idea of the new gear ratios and what a good drive she is. Hopefully the next buyer will continue to race her.
Model:Civic AH
Vehicle Location:Barbagallo
VIN/Engine Number:n/a
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Day Time Phone:0498107810
Night Time Phone:0498107810
State:Western Australia