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Published at 9/21/2022

Erebus Motorsport are getting to the pointy end of the extensive rebuild on Will Brown’s #9 Boost Mobile car in preparation for Bathurst in two weeks time, providing further confirmation of the Murphy/Stanaway wildcard. 

The rebuild has gathered such momentum that the car has been slated for testing at Winton next Wednesday for the Brown and Jack Perkins pairing, alongside the Murphy/Stanaway #51 wildcard; the last hit-out before the team’s head to Bathurst.

The original day of testing for the #9 was to be today at The Bend where Brodie Kostecki and David Russell’s #99 Erebus car is going through its paces.

The massive 56G impact at Auckland threw doubt on the Boost Mobile wildcard entry, as there was uncertainty over whether Brown’s car could be repaired in time.

Over 200 hours of labour has gone into the #9 Erebus car after the massive impact at Pukekohe. Photo: Lucas Wroe

With the car taken back to Mount Gambier, it spent five days on the jig before it was painted and returned to Melbourne today.

Erebus CEO Barry Ryan gave some further insight into the effort behind the rebuild.

“The chassis underwent significant repairs with the whole rear end cut off from the main hoop in order to restore the main chassis rails, the transmission and suspension structure of the vehicle,” Ryan said.

“In total, 33 bars were replaced. It’s been a mammoth effort so far.

Brown’s #9 car was repaired at Mount Gambier before getting shipped to Melbourne this morning. Photo: Lucas Wroe

“On average we had three crew members working on it with over 200 hours of labour completed in just six days to repair and paint the chassis.

On Monday night the chassis came off the jig, where it was then sent Max Medhurst Crash Repairs where it was painted before arriving in Dandenong South this morning.

“We are now in a pretty good position and back on track to have three cars ready in time for Bathurst,” Ryan added.

“The plan now is to work through for what would be a normal week, take the weekend off and have the car ready well ahead of time for testing on Wednesday.

The Erebus Motorsport team with the #9 chassis on the jig. Photo: Lucas Wroe

“Our crew are outstanding; I can’t thank them and the businesses enough that have chipped in to help get this done.”

The rebuild continues in Melbourne with body work, the engine install, transmission, and suspension; big work left to handle before Wednesday’s Winton run.

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