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Published at 6/17/2022

Both Erebus Motorsport Supercars drivers Will Brown and Brodie Kostecki were pleased with their pace on Friday in Darwin, and are optimistic of a strong weekend.

Brown was second fastest in practice 1, however focussed solely on race runs in the second session and as a result was outside of the top 15.

Kostecki was 11th in the first session and ended up ninth in the second 30 minute session, however he knew a lot more was on the table as he was held up by traffic on his fastest lap.

Both youngsters seem confident and optimistic coming out of the hour of practice that they will be competitive this weekend.

“I got held up at the end there, it was a bit strange, it was like trying to guide my way through a pack of seagulls, it was pretty crazy,” he recalled.

“It’s really tight and narrow here in Darwin but the car felt pretty good.

“We rolled out good then and obviously were at the top of practice for a while which was pretty cool to see.

“It was driving really well, we just didn’t get a time in at the end there.

“We’ll try and sort a few things out for tomorrow for quali and see how it shapes up, but it seems to be pretty good so far.”

With so many different tyre compounds used at Hidden Valley Raceway from the S5000 Hoosiers, to the Michelins in Carrera Cup while a majority of Australian Superbike riders run on Pirellis, it makes it hard to read the track.

“The track is pretty quick, but it’s sort of a bit strange at the same time,” Kostecki explained.

“I think all the different tyres that we have on the track here between the S5000s, the Superbikes, and also the Porsches are playing a bit of a part on the track as well.

“We’ll try and chase that tomorrow and see how we end up.”

Likewise, Brown was pleased with his first day, although he ended up in 17th at the end of the day he was not concerned.

“I don’t think it’s pace, I think it’s more (the race) program,” Brown said.

“We’ve been running two different setups between the cars just trying to work out what’s best.

“Running good tyres in the first one obviously helped us, but Brodie got held up on his fast lap then, he was first at the start (of the session).

“Obviously we’ve got a good baseline and we’ll put that across both cars tomorrow and see how we roll out.”

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