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Published at 6/22/2022

Former Russian Formula 1 driver Nakita Mazepin has re-entered the spotlight overnight, claiming that he is in the process of suing the Haas F1 Team for unpaid wages.

Following Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine the Haas F1 team ended its contract with Russian title sponsor Uralkali.

Mazepin remained with the team until pre-season testing concluded, however a few days later he was replaced by Kevin Magnussen.

At the time a furious Mazepin said his axing was not the end of the saga, and three months later he has broken his silence and is about to take legal action against the American team.

In an interview with Russian media outlet RBC, Mazepin stated that his legal action was independent of the team’s former title sponsor Uralkali as he is the one that is owed money by Haas.

“When the contract was terminated, Haas had a salary arrears to me for 2022,” he said. “And they still haven’t paid it.

“I’m only talking about the fact that contractual obligations were not fulfilled.

“You also need to understand that we had two independent contracts. And breaking the agreement with the title sponsor [Uralkali] did not have a direct impact on my future in the team.

“So, they [Haas] made two separate decisions. I didn’t see my money, so we’re going to court.”

Mazepin claims that court documents have already been filed.

The 21-year-old Russian driver is blaming ‘cancel culture’ for his axing within the team.

The often-outspoken driver Mazepin also suggested the Russian Grand Prix promoter was paid by F1 for the cancellation of its race and the championship.

He believes this is something that Haas should have done with him, paid him out upon sacking him.

“There are business relations and you can’t go wild, this is wrong,” said Mazepin.

“Unfortunately, not everyone is guided by this.”

The Russian Grand Prix was cancelled just 24 hours after the country invaded Russia and after a week Formula 1 confirmed it would not return in the foreseeable future.

The Russian Grand Prix was held at the Sochi Autodrom from 2014 through until 2021.

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