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$150,000 USD

LolaT300 HU-15 History HU-15 was originally sold to Carl Haas in the USA who sold it to Horst Kroll 1972-89, who raced it very successfully until Converting the car to a Frisbee bodied CAN-AM (complete set of moulds, plus original body and complete new Frisbee body panels included in sale) Sold to Chuck Haines who sold the car to Don Johnson1998 Johnson campaigned the car successfully for many years as a CAN-AM before it was sold to me in 2007. I rebuilt and campaigned the car as a F5000 Current

North Sydney NSW, Australia
$185,000 USD
Roll Cage
Log Book

Here is the Danny Ongais Lola T332 "Interscope" chassis HU60. Restored by John 'granny' and Graham Collins. Exceptional condition. THEE premier F5000, perfect for Australia and New Zealand! We offer many F5000 cars, but this is what drives seem to like! We set up the shipping logistics for over 90% of our sales, we are happy to help. Yes we have shipped to Australia/New Zealand, and many to the UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, no worries mate! thank you, Rick

California, USA

1 of 2 built for Ralf Kent Cooke. Raced in Le Mans 24hr in 1982,83,84. Includes all original moulds for complete car & spare parts & a replica chassis. No cosworth DFL but can take chev or ford 6L eng. Complete package would fit neatly into 40ft container incl. some BBS wheels.

Dandenong VIC, Australia
Roll Cage
Log Book

Hello, Lola T300 - HU7 F5000 READY NOW! Raced last weekend, 9/8, ran flawlessly. It had just come out of the shop, the owner wanted to race it just once more! time. Beautiful and a podium finisher! Great history on HU7. Excellent car from a race shop we know and trust! CAR WAS COMPLETELY TORN APART AND REASSEMBLED WITH WHATEVER WAS NEEDED, IT IS EXCEPTIONAL! OUR RACER HAS PASSED, NOW PRICED AT $99,900 WE ARE ALWAYS HAPPY TO SET UP SHIPPING!

SPOKANE Other, United States
$145,000 USD
Log Book

Lola T190 F5000 #15. NEW! Here is the correct Mike Hailwood Lola T190 chassis. It is just an exceptional car, huge history, ready now! I have more info to add, price soon, but this is an amazing opportunity, a great part of racing history to be enjoyed today! OFFERED AT...........$145,000 FIRM

Spokne, WA Broker Australian Capital Territory, Australia