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1991 Ford Laser 4wd Turbo Rally Car

$5,000 AUD
2 months ago
24 days ago
Laser 4wd Turbo
Flagstaff Hill SA, Australia
Roll Cage
Log Book

Ford Laser 1.8l 4wd Turbo Rally car, not driven since around 2007-2010. Located about 1/2 hour south of Adelaide.

Car is not running due to gearbox failure. This car comes with boxes and boxes of gearbox parts including casings, shafts, gears, diffs, transfer cases, pins, synchros, springs, nuts & bolts, etc, but buyer will have to assemble the gearbox from parts supplied as I can't/won't work on cars any more.

This car has always been a CAMS dedicated rally car with fully welded roll cage which was state of the art when made and over and above what was generally seen in cars of that vintage (see pictures).

The ECU was replaced with a Haltech computer shortly before I stopped competing, and the car was tuned professionally and running well with it for me. The computer upgrade cost was about $4500 then and was a massive upgrade from the standard ECU. It has a foam type air filter replacing the standard airbox. Car also comes with several air flow meters which were a problem for me so I collected them up when I could find them and the new owner will probably need at some point! When the old ECU packed up, there was significant damage to the motor then in the car, so it was rebuilt and hasn't had much use since then, maybe a year before I stopped rallying.

As far as I know and remember, everything is still together on the car other than what needed to be dismantled to remove the gearbox (the gearbox was removed for repair and is now in pieces, which you get with the car).

Car has all the usual rally adaptations including a large aluminium bash plate to protect under the engine bay and another under the rear diff, terraphone in-car radio, velo racing seats, ignition kill switch, larger battery in battery box in boot, helmet nets... etc. Seat belts will be long out of date so the new owner will have to replace those to enter events. I also had fitted oil coolers in front of the radiator driven by Holley pumps to cool the oil in the gearbox and right angle drive, which improved box reliability considerably. There may be a few other small modifications that I can't remember as it has been so long.

Car would be good for club days, khanacross, etc. A fun car to drive with lots of torque, and with the right driver would be capable of being competitive with the Subarus and Lancers, though a less experienced driver could still have the fun of a 4wd without the cost of a newer car.

In the interests of full disclosure, and as I was told when I bought this car in around the late 1990s, this is a car to respect mechanically, as the gearboxes are the weak link and if you're looking for something you can drop the clutch from the red line, this is definitely not the car. Learn from my experience, and don't let anyone drive who doesn't understand this... I loaned the car to someone without respect and the driver blew up the gearbox which was the final straw in my rallying; it's sat there ever since as I was getting out of rallying anyway, and I didn't have the motivation to repair it. The bonnet is also damaged as the same person who borrowed the car forgot to secure the bonnet pins properly and it flew up hitting the windscreen and denting the metal. The windscreen has been replaced though.

I've priced this car to sell as I need to move on and clearly won't do anything with this one again. Prospective buyers should expect cobwebs and some dirt in the engine bay because this one does need some TLC, especially minor body work, paint etc, but still plenty of years left in the car and it comes with the parts needed to revive this one.

Asking $5000 ono for a quick sale. Buyer will need to organise removal (trailer/towtruck, etc) as I can't due to poor health.

If you'd like to know more, please call, as I really don't like using computers.