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my105 - No. 1 Race car classfieds

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McLaren M8F Can-Am John Cannon

Spokane, WA, USA
Roll Cage
Log Book

Here is an exceptional original Can-Am, John Cannon Commander Motor Homes. This was sold to our owner by John's son Michael, shown in one of our pictures! There is a copy on sale floating around, but "this" is the original. My client has owned and raced this McLaren for a number of years. The car was completely restored by Tony Nicholson. This car is one of only a handful of top tier restorations and is included in that group with the original of Denny and Bruce! Our client refers to this car as "The Beast" is an absolute podium finishing Can-Am.

Our list price reflects the level of quality, and I'd be happy to check out an offer. We set up the shipping logistics for over 90% of our sales worldwide, we currently have a Ralt on its way to Germany picked up last Monday. We ship a lot to the UK, and have shipped to New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, UK, and within the USA. We've sold many cars, Can-Am, F5000, F1, Atlantic's and smaller production cars and this is among the absolute finest, this is just an amazing McLaren!
Thank you,

**The roll hoop is Denny Hulmes and is titanium.
**The valve covers are the real deal magnesium McLaren valve covers.
**Engine is 540 cu in. 11.0:1 compression. Period correct ZL-1 heads, not the cheater heads. Dyno : 868HP at 6,500 750 ft lbs torque.
**Tub is the Trojan tub.....1973. Proof is the wall thickness and the rivets....
**Commander put M20 parts on this car, the uprights are M20. Rims are M20 and I had to have them custom made.
**Shocks are Konis and are correct as are the brakes on this car.
We set up the shipping logistics for over 90% of our sales worldwide, we are happy to help!