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my105 - No. 1 Race car classfieds
my105 - No. 1 Race car classfieds

How Auction Works on My105

Placing your bid

Credit card required for verification and fees
Due dilligence & logistics
Read carefully, contact the seller, plan for payment & delivery
Place your bid
Bids are binding. Be ready to win.

During the auction

  • All auctions have a reserve price, unless stated otherwise
  • You'll be notified if you're outbid, and before auction closure
  • Sniping protection extends the auction to allow final bids

When the auction ends

  • If the reserve is met, the highest bidder has won
  • Otherwise, the highest bidder gets the first right to negotiate
  • If there is no deal, other participants may also get a chance

If you win

  • My105 provides you and the seller with each other's contact information
  • You and the seller work together to complete the sale
  • In general, buyers are responsible for shipping and other costs

Buyer's premium

  • For successful sales My105 charges a 6% buyer's premium on top of the final sale price (minimum of $500, maximum of $10,000)
  • If My105 successfully brokers a deal after an auction passes in the full buyer's premium also applies

Got questions?

Please contact us