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Slider Kit for PE Racing Pedal Assembly

PE Racing
Pedal Slider Kit
Oakdale NSW, Australia

Pedal Sliders Designed & Manufactured in Australia by PE Racing

These are specifically designed to suit our PE Racing Pedal Assemblies and cater for the FIA fixed seat regulations.
A little about our Pedal Assembly.
This PE Racing Patented Frame design came about as a result of common problems experienced while installing pedal assemblies to a range of race cars over many years.
Initially a typical floor mount frame usually has a relatively short flat footprint, the brake pedal forces ultimately create large moment forces to the floor, the moment reactions needs to be resisted by the floor connection & usually results in needing to reinforce the mounting footprint to do so, adding unnecessary material & work was usually found necessary.
The stiffness of the mounting is directly linked to driver feel. Improved stiffness is desired & can involve much work & addition of undesired weight to do so.

What we did was go back to the beginning to find what can be done to not only increase stiffness, but equally as important, to reduce the finished installed weight. So our frame Patented design was ultimately the outcome. It has a little more going on than meets the eye, so here's a little more explanation.
Initial visual inspection will show that our mounting feet are not just far apart, but also articulate. The purpose of the increased span distance is to reduce the moment reaction forces from high forces on the brake pedal. This means that the structures required for connection are vastly reduced, reducing weight & increasing stiffness.

The next unique Patented feature is the articulating, or pivoting mounting feet. The purpose of these adjustable feet is to conform to the actual angles made during installation. These mounting feet connect direct to the pivots & pins transmitting the forces to the frame system & eliminate bending forces as a result. We saw this as a win/win on all fronts.
More common problems were experienced while installing pedal assemblies, some of these were related to the pedal & lever adjustments available, and positioning things would sometimes lead to poor push-rod geometry & irregular force v's pressure feel, especially on brake pedal.
Similar issues were often experienced with the throttle pedal actuation characteristics.
As a result, our Patented design has several features to assist & make things easy & comfortable for the driver.

The video covers these topics in more detail.

Back to the Slider, is ideal for endurance racing or where multiple drivers of varying sizes are expected.

Features lowest profile on the market at 45.5mm high for heel plate or false floor.
Narrow 175mm wide slider base, aids in fitting to floors with curved sides.
Unique double shear arrangement of dual 8mm lock pins for added safety.
Billet construction with Hard Anodised finish.
Twin linear rail construction for added stiffness & smooth reliable operation.
174mm adjustment range at 14.5mm increments.
Hand operated Cable release & inbuilt gas spring enables easy adjustment by Drivers feet.

Suitable for a wide range of motorsport applications.
Suits PE Racing Patented 2 or 3 Pedal Billet Pedal Assemblies.
Can be used with Sim Cylinders for Simulators or EV’s.
Designed & tested using latest CAD software.
Higher stiffness and weight reduction were made possible using Stress Analysis.
Withstand real design loads that Race Drivers & Motorsport demands.
Retains master cylinder inclination angles to allow self-bleeding via elevated inlet port of Girling cylinders during heavy use.
Inbuilt adjustable throttle stop.

Slider Kit comes with:
Installation drawings,
Complete Slider base with dual locks & release system,
Remote mount release cable 1500mm long,
200N force Gas Spring (20kg),
Adaptor mounting panels for Pedal Assembly,
Generic fasteners Kit (may not be suitable for all installations),
Pedal Box Assembly is NOT included.

How does it work?
While Driver is in seated position,
Push on brake pedal with approximately 20kg force,
Simultaneously Pull Cable knob fully to release & disengage lock pins,
Pedal position will automatically advance towards the driver when reduced force is applied to the pedal,
Driver pushes or reduces pushing to allow pedals to move to the preferred position,
Once position is satisfactory, release the cable knob and locks will engage at the next position. Test & confirm, a second brake pedal push cycle will ensure pins are fully engaged in double shear.

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