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my105 - No. 1 Race car classfieds
my105 - No. 1 Race car classfieds
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Tube & Panel Mounting Clamps - Roll Cage mounts

PE Racing
PE Mounting Clamps & Adaptors
Oakdale NSW, Australia

PE-Clamps are a quick & easy solution to mounting panels, cables, plumbing or accessories securely to common tube and roll cage sizes; eliminating the need for welding.
PE clamps come in four different styles and a variety of sizes to satisfy a wide range of tube mounting needs.
The images show a small example of potential uses.
We have Engineered these to withstand a 10G dynamic load of 5 kg (equivalent to a static load of 50 kg) per clamp.

The clamps have an optional vibration insulator that dampens vibration effects (NOTE: Adding the vibration insulator makes the clamp suit the next size down, except for the PE-11 range which is designed to always come with the vibration insulator). They are made of aircraft alloy with a hard anodised finish to resist the effects of harsh environments.

Steering Wheel/Helmet Hooks Design (PE-009) prices start from $40
The PE-009 range is a simple design that solves a common issue that many racers face. That is, where can I easily store my steering wheel/helmet when I am getting in and out of the car. The range is designed to fit around the common roll cage tube sizing; ranging from 1 1⁄2 inch to 2 inch. Although it was designed with motorsports applications in mind it has many universal uses.

Tube Clamp Mounting Bracket (PE-010) prices start from $34
The PE-010 range is a universal bracket mount. The mounting sizes of the tube range from 1 inch to 2 inch. The design consists of two counter sunk M5 threaded holes, used for clamping the bracket to the tube (For clamps sizes smaller than 1 1⁄2 inch M4 fasteners are used). At the top of the bracket there are two M5 threaded holes running parallel to the tube which it is mounted too. The M5 threaded holes can then be used to mount whatever you desire. The clamps have been repeatedly used throughout projects to mount a wide range of things, such as electronic modules, safety equipment, pull cords, brake reservoirs, catch cans etc.

Insulated Fuel Pump/Filter Mount Bracket (PE-011) prices start from $58
Another issue that commonly appeared during projects was a strong and simple solution for mounting various fuel pumps and filters to panels with ease. As such the PE-011 clamp range was designed. The design consists of two M5 countersunk threaded holes used for mounting the clamp to the pump/filter. The two holes at the feet of the bracket are suited to fit M5 fasteners, which can then be used to mount to the required panel. This design always comes with our vibration insulator to reduce vibration effects. Some common motorsports filters and pumps this clamp range suits include the 55mm Bosch filter, 60mm Bosch 044 pump and the 75mm Bosch and MAHLE filters. Although this clamp range is designed to fit specific motorsport pumps and filters, the dimensions the clamps suit are commonly used in other areas, as such they can be used for other mounting purposes.

Tube to Panel Mount Bracket (PE-012) prices start from $45
The PE-012 clamp range simply offers another method and direction of tube mounting. The clamp range suits tube sizes ranging from 1 1⁄2 inch to 2 inch. The design consists of two counter sunk M5 threaded holes, used for mounting the bracket to the tube. The feet of the clamps have two holes which run perpendicular to the tube it is mounted to. The holes in the feet suit M5 fasteners that can then be used to mount whatever you desire. The clamp can also be used in the reverse way, to easily mount or secure plumbing to panels. Just like the other designs the clamps have been used to mount a variety of things such as electronic modules, oil coolers, overflow bottles, catch cans, in line filters etc.