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Mitsubishi Mirage Log Booked Rally Car ARC 2wd 2020 3rd Place Winning Car at Nat Cap 2020 – have only done the one event since owning. • 1.6 Mivec motor • MCA suspension, recently serviced with new springs installed. • Button Clutch • Limited Slip Diff • Light Pod • CAMS/Motorsport Australia approved cage • Cobra winged seats • 6 point Velo harnesses • Terratrip Intercom and liaison headset • Wired for rallysafe • Heaps of spare wheels and tyres (approx. 12 - in storage) •Has a very big spa

Canberra ACT, Australia

This is the 3rd car built by Jack Pryor and Clive Adams and was apparently modelled of the Stan Coffey Cooper Bristol that Clive had driven on occasion. It as completely restored for me by Paul Trevethan in Melbourne and debuted at Winton in 2007 and has been running at the pointy end of Group Lb fields ever since. This Prad runs a fully worked 6 cylinder grey Holden motor fitted with a very rare Phil Irving Repco High Power cross flow head, which is mated to a 4speed Borgward transaxle. No expe

Canberra ACT, Australia