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2006 Lamborghini Murcielago

$680,000 EGC
Mona Vale NSW, Australia
VIN / Engine Number

The Bat for The Batman

Some Lamborghinis are famously named after famous Spanish Fighting Bulls, and this car was certainly named for one of the greats.

Named “Murcielago” (Spanish for “Bat”), the first clean sheet design in over 11 years was worthy of being named after the legendary bull that survived a brutal fight in 1879 with such passion and spirit to captivate the audience and be given the honour of retiring and being a leading sire

A huge leap-forward in design, ergonomics and performance, the Murcielago blended everything at the cutting edge of automotive excess, whilst also using the very last iteration of the original Bizzarrini V12 which could trace its roots back to the first Lamborghini road car, the 350GT.

Penned by the immensely talented Luc Donckerwolke, the name was entirely appropriate given that the new Murcielago had “wings” that extended menacingly out from the side of the car when additional cooling was required and possessing the unyielding spirit of its Fighting Bull namesake.

The bellowing 6.2 litre 427Kw V12 was mated to a 6 speed E-gear sequentially shifted gearbox (or manual) with all wheel drive giving 70% rear and 30% front distribution of power. Predictably, performance was as crazy as the looks. As if 427Kw wasn’t already mental enough, in 2006 Lamborghini released a facelifted version that was (as with all Lamborghini facelifts) even MORE mental. That stonking 6.2L V12 was enlarged to 6.5L, and the power lifted significantly from 427Kw to 471Kw and the car renamed the Murcielago LP 640 (LP referring to the engine orientation or Longitudinale Posteriore in Italian and 640hp).

The exterior received a noticeable facelift, featuring revised front and rear fascias, and asymmetrical side air intakes, with the left side intake feeding an oil cooler. A new single outlet exhaust system incorporated into the rear diffuser, modified suspension system, revised programming, and upgraded clutch for the 6-speed "e-Gear" automated manual transmission with launch control rounded out the performance modifications.

The LP 640 achieved Silver Screen fame when it was featured as Bruce Waynes drive car in “The Dark Knight” (a cheeky play by using the car aptly named “Bat” as Bruce Waynes car of choice). The car we present for sale is IDENTICAL in specification to that car and has been fondly referred to around the Sydney collector scene as “The Batman Car”. Presented in stunning Grigio Telesto over Nero Leather, and with the carbon ceramic brakes highlighted by Giallo Callipers, this is perhaps the most sought after specification ever on an LP 640.

Originally delivered new to AFL great and sports commentator Sam Newman, Sam then sold the car to a close personal friend (a very well-known Melbourne property developer) who then sold it to its third owner. Showing just over 47,000 kilometres and with a full Lamborghini service history, complete books and two factory keys, this Murcielago also benefits from a freer breathing exhaust and has an engine note to die for. A properly analogue supercar, with an absolutely almighty drivetrain, the LP640 must be one of the most rewarding cars to drive and one of the firm favourites here at CHROME TEMPLE .

Fast becoming one of the most sought after and appreciating collectible supercars, this Murcielago LP 640 ticks every box for the collector and enthusiast.