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Peter Bladwell
Greenacre NSW, Australia

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2016 PRB S6 Supersports

$39,950 AUD
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2 months ago
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Greenacre NSW, Australia
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Inspired by the Lotus 23B, the PRB S6 built to the 2C supersports class. Under the retro styled bodywork, the ultra low and light PRB S6 uses modern components and design for modern sportscar performance.
Available as factory ex-works racer with lots of parts and support. Would make a great car for circuit racing, hillclimbs and sprint events.

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PRB designed hybrid spaceframe chassis with 25mm aluminium honeycomb floor, sides and side crash structures. The honeycomb panels dramatically increase rigidity with minimal additional weight.

• Total weight with fluids is 490kg
• Suspension all rose jointed with Nitron 2 way adjustable dampers ( with remote canister/bump adjustment)
• Tilton floor mounted pedal box
• Removable steering wheel
• Race technology digital dash/GPS logger with CAN connection to engine ECU
• Hayabusa engine and gearbox. Mounted north/south with short driveshaft to a quick change differential
• Speedway engineering mini-stock differential, LSD and quick change gearsets. Allows ratio changes in minutes

Hayabusa 1298cc powerplant with upgrades
• 1298cc Hayabusa gen1 powerplant
• Heavy duty valve springs and titanium retainers
• Gen2 exhaust camshaft
• Adjustable cam pulleys
• Adjustable cam chain tensioner
• Oil pump +7% speed drive gear
• Uprated clutch springs
• Gen2 gearset with upgraded gears 2 & 3 ( quaife)
• SBD dry sump pan/pump kit
• SBD tapered throttle body kit
• MBE ECU with closed loop flatshift gearshift
• Custom made 1-2, 3-4 headers with Burns muffler ( all stainless)
Optional components that can be packaged with the car
• Custom trailer with airbag suspension that drops flat on the ground for easy loading.
• Spare panels and body molds