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WRE F5000

Shadow F5000
Spokane, WA, USA
Roll Cage
Log Book

I have an early F5000 that needs to be sold. This was constructed by WRE, with a trio of designers, most notable Tony Settember. This was built in the USA, for the original F5000 series. It has been sitting, but has the correct Chevy, is authentic and is an inexpensive way to join in the great Australian group of F5000 racers! This car was featured on the UK site, British Racercar" and can be viewed there. I am selling this car for the owner's widow, it must go! We hav esold all types of the F5000, from the Crossle now racing in the UK, to Lola T330, and hav elistings for

I have listed this F5000 at $90,000 USD, BUT we are accepting offers, hence your opportunity to join this race group at a reasonable price. We are always happy to set up the shipping logistics for the buyer/seller, it just makes it easier for all. We offer a transparent purchase experience for our buyers, nothing hidden. No, this WRE will not catch a Lola T330/332, but it is the original type of F5000, driver skill counts on these hard-charging cars. There are many of the older F5000, the T140 and T190 Lola's, the Chevron's like Dean Camm's, just a varied field with varied skill sets.

Our company goal is to see these cars back on the track for all to enjoy, not hidden in someone's garage! Here is some info;
Owner: Ron Goldleaf
City: New York, NY
Model: WRE Shadow (circa 1968)
Engine: Chevy 305cid V8
Race prepared by: Ron Goldleaf
Few people consider the WRE Shadow a British car because it was built by World Racing Enterprises in Los Angeles California. The three gentlemen who comprised World Racing Enterprises were of three different nationalities. From our point of view, the car is about one third British.

The company's principle was Tony Settember, a race car driver and engineer who had competed in all sorts of racing, starting in California club racing in 1954. By 1959 he had developed into Grand Prix driving and was traveling the world. Settember won the Naples Grand Prix of 1959. In 1962, Settember drove a Climax powered Emeryson Mk2 to finish second to Jack Brabham in the Austrian Grand Prix, and he also placed seventh in the Grand Prix of Belgium.

Settember partnered with an English designer named John Wadsworth and an Italian fabricator/mechanic named Ermanno Coughi. Coughi would become much more famous later as Nicki Lauda's Crew Chief at Ferrari, where together they won a Grand Prix championship.

The chassis and suspension of the WRE Shadow made extensive use of 4130 chrome moly steel, because it was designed to be able to run USAC and specifically the Indianapolis 500 where chrome moly frames were required by the rules at that time.

Although World Racing Enterprises had every intention of building cars for outside customers, things never quite came together for the company. We only know of one Formula 5000 race completed by a WRE Shadow: at the 1969 Sears Point race, Nick Dioguardi qualified eighteenth and finished fifteenth. Apparently at least two WRE Shadows were built. They were both entered to race at Laguna Seca in 1968 but Nick Dioguardi (with a Ford 4.7L engine) was disqualified and Rex Ramsey (with a Chevy 5.0L engine) failed to qualify.

After giving up on the Shadow project, Tony Settember resumed driving. He entered one Formula 5000 race in 1969 driving a Spectre HR-1. He entered four L&M Championship Formula 5000 races in 1972, driving a modified McLaren M10. In 1973 he campaigned the McLaren in seven of the nine L&M Championship races, earning points in the four races he finished to place 11th in championship standings. In 1974 he campaigned a Lola T330 at six of the seven races in the series.