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Suzuki Ignis sport 2003 5 speed manual Car can’t be registered Car is in full running driving order with a new clutch fitted Comes with semi slicks & a spare set of rims with rally tyres Wrx seats with harnesses Great skid pan/motorkana/track day Car is located in ARTARMON

Artarmon NSW, Australia
Roll Cage

If you want to move up to a dedicated track car, and maybe go racing in the future, this package has everything you need. This car has been developed with focus on handling and braking, the engine is stock apart from a cold air intake, light flywheel and a little electronic tweek to make it run a bit richer (worth a few more kw). There’s a spare engine and bigger cams to go in it, and a planned development path which I can go into in detail. It’s a very well sorted car, and surprisingly quick

Artarmon NSW, Australia